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Accounting Software Tailor-made Training and Support

What Are The Benefits of Onsite Training for Accounting Software?

  • With onsite training, we will be working with you on your computer, at your place of business, with your "live" accounting records.
  • With classroom training, you will have to sit through training on areas of the accounting program for which you do not have an interest. This would be a waste of your time.
  • With classroom training, we use a sample company to learn the features of Peachtree Accounting. With onsite training at your place of business, we will be using your own company information.
  • With classroom training, you do not receive hands-on training. With onsite training you do.
  • Classroom training will not teach accounting, we only teach you how to use the features in the software. With onsite training, we can customize the training to your needs, whether it is accounting or accounting software.
  • In short, onsite training will get you up and running in the shortest period of time with the fewest errors made.
  • It is by far a better investment!

Scheduled On-site Courses Accounting & Payroll Software

Our scheduled courses provide a good all-round introduction to the main functions of the softwares. The courses are suitable whether or not you have bookkeeping skills or previous accounting software experience.

We give a great deal of individual attention to each participant and encourage them to bring along details of problems they wish to solve.
QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise
Sage 50 Peachtree
Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum
Sage 50 Simply Accounting Pro, Premium & Quantum
Sage 300
QuickBooks Online


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Customised Training & Consultancy - Accounting & Payroll Consultancy on Your Premises
We can visit your premises throughout the Hong Kong and Macau to provide group or one-to-one training. Our trainers are also qualified accountants who can:

    • help you to set up financial records using the accounting software
    • liaise with your professional accountants as necessary

    • visit you periodically to sort out any problems you may encounter and provide
    • training on more advanced features

Advice on Accounting Software Accountancy Software Comparison
Our qualified accountants can advise which accountancy software will most cost effectively meet your needs. You may attend our course Accountancy Software Comparison, or we can provide individual consultancy on request.

Practical Accounting software training

Understanding Double-Entry Book-keeping and integrate with the accounting software. For those who will actually need to do the bookkeeping or supervise a bookkeeper Understanding Accounting software, for those that have to look at other companies accounts or wish to understand their own company's accounts.

Stress Management
The best ways of dealing with stress that can occur in business with the effective Credit Control and Payroll Training.

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