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Accounting Software Technical Support and Advisory Service

In the event that you need accounting software technical support and service, it's reassuring to know C&T Computer System Consultancy Company's helpdesk offers expert technical support over the phone, fax, via e-mail or on-site service. Read the follwoing accounting software to select the support program that suits you.

We are the authorized stocklist and dealers for Sage 50 HK accounting, Sage 50 US accounting, Sage 50 CA accounting, Simply Accounting Pro, Sage Peachtree Accounting, AccPac Accounting, Timeslips, DacEasy, Flex Accounting, MYOB Accounting in Hong Kong.

Your software has been carefully designed to make it as easy as it can possibly be but sometimes it is easier to be shown the way by someone who knows the product, and can give you the right advice to get you going NOW. All C&T Computer System Consultancy Company's Training courses emphasise the hands on experience.

On site Accounting Support Service

Get it right first time -Getting the right advice first up is incredibly important. Our courses not only show you the recommended ways of setting up your business, but we give you procedures by which you should be managing your books to ensure that you have it right, with no need to re-key.

Have more control - When you know that you have done it right, then you will have full control of your business°¶ position. You will easily make the informed decisions you have to make.

Save money - How much does it cost to waste 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there? When you add that up over just one year you will see that the time cost alone is staggering. Our On-site training can remove those costly moments of indecision.


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