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QuickBooks Premier Accounting 2021 & 2020
for Windows
QuickBooks Solutions Provider
Authorised Dealer in Hong Kong

QuickBooks premier QuickBooks gets you started fast and helps you every step of the way! Just answer simple interview questions, and QuickBooks customizes itself to your business and industry.
Now, get help using QuickBooks whenever you need it! Click on a menu from nearly anywhere in the premiergram, type a question in your own words, and QuickBooks instantly finds the answer. It couldn't be easier!

premiertect your critical financial data... effortlessly. Now, you can schedule backups of your QuickBooks data to take place automatically, either when you exit the premiergram or anytime you find convenient. You can even have QuickBooks validate the integrity of your data before backup-you'll rest easier, knowing it's sound. And now you can choose from a wider variety of backup media, including floppies, a hard drive or CD-ROM-if you're running under Windows XP.

Multi user ready (up to 5)
Multi User allows more than one person to use QuickBooks premier at the same time. QuickBooks premier is licensed to be operated on two PCs.

On Site Training

QuickBooks premier Accounting 2021 & 2020
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