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HK Peachtree - - Quantum Accounting for Distribution /
Logistics 2017
HK Peachtree - - Authorised Dealer and Solutions Provider in Hong Kong

By integrating industry-specific functionality with HK Peachtree - -'s award-winning accounting and business management capabilities, HK Peachtree - - Quantum Accounting for Distribution 2017 can help you obtain a better understanding of your business so you can take your business forward! And in addition to providing added operational insight, you'll get helpful features like a Setup Guide and Preparation Checklist, Navigation Aids, Wizards, and a Guided Tour to get started quickly!
On Site Training

HK Peachtree - - Quantum Accounting for Distribution/ Logistics 2017

Hong Kong - HK Peachtree - - Accounting Authorised Dealer

6 hours on-site HK Peachtree - - professional training :

training course include the whole functions of HK Peachtree - - accounting software

After training course, you have a 240 days Free unlimited support include-

-Fax support.


System Requirements:

  • *At least 2.4 GHz processor for single user and higher in multiple users

    *At least 2 GB RAM , suggest 4 GB or above

    *At least 2 GB free disk space

    *Windows Vista ®SP2, Windows®7, or Win 8.1 or Win 10 with the latest updates from Microsoft installed


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