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Simply Accounting Quantum 2020
Multi-user -
Accounting Solution provider and Certified Consultant

  • Simply Accounting Enterprise Multi-user has everything you need in an accounting system and more. It's powerful, robust and easy to use. Simply Accounting Enterprise allows you to automate everything from making purchases to making sales, plus paying your staff, managing your Enterprisejects and more! The advanced functionality delivers support for online banking and electronic payments, support of more than 3,000 currencies and the ability to create and customize an unlimited number of reports using Microsoft Word, Excel and Crystal Reports?

  • Simply Accounting Enterprise contains more than 100 pre-defined reports that help you keep on top of your business, spot trends and make timely adjustments. With a click of a button, drill down to view in-depth transaction details behind the reports. You can also easily customize reports. You decide what information is important to your business and how it should be presented. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of your own reports using Microsoft Word, Excel and Crystal Reports?

    General Accounting Features

    General Ledger

    Maintains revenue and expense accounts budgets. Creates reports comparing previous year's financial data to the current year's-or period to period within the same year.

    Sales and Receipts

    Generates and prints invoices, quotes and sales orders.
    Allows you to automatically convert a quote to a sales order or invoice.
    Supports credit card and cash transactions, and sales on account.
    Automatically calculates sales taxes and freight.
    Automatically calculates customer terms and discounts.
    Uses open-invoice method and for detailed customer tracking.
    Generates customer statements with interest charges on overdue balances.

    Purchases and Payments

    Enterprisecesses invoices and maintains vendor quotes.
    Prints purchase orders and checks.
    Supports credit card and cash transactions, and purchases on account.
    Automatically calculates sales taxes and freight.
    Uses open-invoice method for detailed purchase tracking.
    Automatically calculates vendor terms and discounts.

    Enterpriseject Costing

    Tracks transactions (including payroll) by job, Enterpriseject or Enterprisefit center.
    Allocates revenue and expense transactions across multiple Enterprisejects by dollar amount, percentage or hours.
    Budgets Enterpriseject revenues and expenses.
    Generates Enterprisefit and loss statements by job Enterpriseject.

    Inventory and Services

    Maintains current stock levels and values, and highlights items to reorder.
    Tracks and invoices your service billings.
    Maintains separate buying, stocking and selling units of measure.
    Allows as many as 13 characters for inventory codes.
    Uses weighted moving average costing method.
    Tracks inventory, fastest selling items, most used vendors and most active customers.


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Simply Accounting Enterprise 2020
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