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Flex Accouning and Human Resources Management
Tailor-made Supporting Services

FlexSystem Enterprise Solutions (V10 Series) is an integrated enterprise business software, which helps automating, a wide range of business processes, such as sales / purchase order handling, inventory management, manufacturing control, GL, AR, AP, human resources management, workflow management, business and financial analysis etc.

Financial Management -
a comprehensive accounting solution covers General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable, giving the management an insight into corporate financial status for strategic planning. With its practical functionalities, such as multi-currency, inter-company transaction, budgeting, pre-posting audit etc. the system is specially designed for financial professionals to obtain and analyze the accurate statistics from different angles with the greatest ease.

Human Resources Management - rightly handles the staff history, payroll calculation and attendance management, maintaining a detailed personal profile on every employee. The system also keeps track of the payroll information and provides many payroll reports for analysis and monitor, such as pay slip, tax returns, bank pay-in statement/diskette etc. The flexible system design allows any tailor-made to localize for different country's tax rules and labor law.

FESA Trading - automate your sales/purchase order processes, as well as effectively improve inventory management for better operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

FESA Property - practical solution tailored for property industry for promise and tenant maintenance


FlexSystem Ultra Thin-Client Technology
combines the latest multi-tier application server technology with the most effective compression and communication algorithm, making its bandwidth requirement the lowest on the market. Ultra Thin-Client helps the enterprise to run its operations via Internet/ Intranet in the most effective and cost saving manner, at the same time guarantees the best system performance and highest return on investment.

Attributes of Software Quality
Software Quality attributes is the sum of functionality, usability, reliability, efficiency, maintainability, security and scalability. It has been developed over the last few decades and beyond, however, there still many flaws and failures encountered, e.g. missed or misunderstood requirements, errors in design, over budget, poor performance etc. It could also be faults identified by users which were not discovered during the testing phase. This is where software quality comes into its use.

FlexSystem Enterprise Solutions is an integrated enterprise business software, which helps automating a wide range of business processes, such as sales/purchase order handling, inventory management, manufacturing control, GL, AR, AP, human resources management, workflow management, business and financial analysis etc...

FlexSystem Online Accounting Service integrated solution to automate, manage, support and analyze the processes and operations involved daily accounting practice. Register and try it NOW...

Informs Decision Making
Because all data is accurate and up-to-date, decisions can be taken based on the situation as it is right now and not on information from a week, a month or even longer ago.

Cost effective
Keep your professional fees down by supplying organized finances to your accountant for year end reports.

Real-time reporting
All authorized staff (including your accountant) has real-time access to the same data at the same time from any location.

Easy to use
All you need is a internet browser with Java plug-in - use any computer, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.(Broadband or dial-up)

Fast, 24 Hours a Day Access to your information

Secure Data Center
Your information is backed up on our servers meaning you can relax in the knowledge you are in safe hands

Save time, increase productivity
As all the information is at your fingertips you never need waste time looking for that missing document ever again. You can easily store and retrieve information on all of your customers and suppliers, record how and when payments have been made and received and so ensure accurate record keeping.

As this is an online system you can respond quickly to queries anywhere in the world.

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