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Flex Accounting 企業方案 and Partner

Flex Accounting 企業方案 (V10 系列)

是一套具整合性的企業商務軟體,協助用戶自動化處理一切日常的商務運作,包括: 銷售/採購訂單處理、庫存管理、製造控制、總帳、應收帳、應付帳、人事資源管理、工作流程管理、商業及財務分析等。


Financial Management - a comprehensive accounting solution covers General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable, giving the management an insight into corporate financial status for strategic planning. With its practical functionalities, such as multi-currency, inter-company transaction, budgeting, pre-posting audit etc. the system is specially designed for financial professionals to obtain and analyze the accurate statistics from different angles with the greatest ease.

Human Resources Management - 人力資源 -支持您的所有工作人員的互動,以擴展功能來管理不斷變化的人力資源需求

FESA交易 -自動化銷售/採購訂單處理,以及有效地改善庫存管理,提高運營效率和客戶滿意度


FESA物業 -實用的解決方案專門針對房地產行業的前景和租戶維護





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